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My Amazing God Intervention Story . . . .

I lived in Wilmington, Delaware for most of my life and moved to Viera, FL in March 2014.  All the forces were against me.  I was losing hope and challenged my faith, one day at a time.  While driving to Florida, I looked for any sign from God to let me know that I made the right decision to move.  I arrived at my new home and found a swan and a cross in my backyard.  I raised my hands in the air and declared aloud to God:   "YOU PUT A CROSS IN MY BACKYARD?" I knew in that moment that everything was going to be more than just okay!

My Husband Died Tragically on December 13, 2001

I questioned whether his death was a suicide, suggested suicide, assisted suicide or murder.  After his death I discovered that he was part of an organized crime ring.  A close friend of my husband told me that he was involved with the Mafia. That statement left me with many questions. Please read my book "God Promised Me Wings to Fly." The book is subtitled: "There is Life After Suicide." Let me know your thoughts after you analyze the pieces of my puzzle. Please write a review at: 

Janet Grillo, Author

On June 18, 2004 while sitting perpetual adoration at my church, I wrote a letter to God and then asked God to write a letter back  to me.  I did not know if my request was crazy or profound.  I was amazed when God spoke to me through my heart, my hand and my soul.  He told me that He chose me to write a book and share my new found wisdom with others. Glad to see that God was looking out for me because I did not have a clue where I was going. Looking forward to sharing my story with you and helping you "Discover Your Wings to Fly." Publication:  April 22, 2018.  Janet Grillo -


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